With the advancement of construction techniques, high-rise buildings have become a major building type in various countries. In order to meet the requirements of safety, light weight structure and fire prevention, metal wall and partition system have been adopted as major building materials for construction and decoration industry in Europe, America, Japan and other countries for several years.


The diversified series of our products and systems can be used in commercial spaces (high-rise structure buildings, advanced commercial offices, shopping malls), exhibition halls, medical institutions and industrial, electronic, food, pharmaceutical or other factory/ hangars.



Metal Wall & Partition System - Product traits:



1. Semi-Finished Product:The partition system uses semi-finished product partitions as the characteristics of the entire product series. Up to 80% of assembly process will be finished in factory, which will significantly minimize the amount of on-site installation, fully ensure the on-site installation progress and product quality, and facilitate future maintenance.



2. Lightweight Structure and High Safety Performance:Compared with general traditional wall materials, metal materials have light weight characteristics, which can reduce the floor floor load and increase safety.



3. Formaldehyde-Free and Eco-Friendly:Steel / aluminum materials can be repeatedly disassembled and recycled, which is cost-saving, and it can be served as a balance act to environmental protection and economic benefits.



4. Great Fire Resistance:Basic 1 hr-2 hrs, can be up to 4 hrs with premiere material.



5. High Sound Insulation:35db and more.



6. Great Moisture-Proof:Surface cracked and swelled free after long-time use.



7.  Convenient for Cleaning and Maintenance:Metal material has better scratch-resistant and dirt-resistant traits than the traditional gypsum material, and the surface is easy to clean.



8. Style Diversity and Customized service:In addition to providing customers with a variety of basic paint colors and PVC skin material styles, customized color printing and punching modeling are available to be performed on the surface of partition walls.





       C50 partition system is an integrated partition product, which achieves extreme wall thickness on the basis of meeting fire prevention and sound insulation performance Thin-50mm, products with 3mm 5mm decorative seam, full line feeling, surface can do a variety of decorative processing, Lego bricks type assembly system, easy to install, space clever change, for modern office space quality choice.


Product Feature

·        Factory prefabricated, integrated products

·        50thick wall, extremely thin

·        One window, easy maintenance

·        Easy to install and disassemble

·        Surface treatment options are varied

·        High recycling rate

·        No VOC, green environmental protection

Product Parameter

·        Product specification: W900/1200*H3000(mm), The size can be customized

·        Material description: SGCC hot dip galvanized steel plate

·        Surface treatment: Pre-coating/baking paint/wood grain/stone grain/anti-static/acid-alkali resistance/anion

·        Substrate thickness: 0.5~0.8mm

·        Standard thickness: 50mm

·        Cord material selection: Fire protection and environmental protection rock wool, gypsum board, aluminum honeycomb, etc

·        Appearance: 3mm


·        Fire performance: 1H