With the increasing progress of engineering construction technology, high-rise buildings have become the key building development type in various countries. In order to meet the safety, light weight and fire prevention requirements of high-rise buildings, metal ceiling keel systems have been used in Europe, the United States, Japan and other advanced developing countries for many years. The steel / aluminum partition system has its advantages and characteristics, so become an important selection of materials in the international construction industry. The company's diverse series of products can be used in commercial spaces (high-rise structure buildings, high-end commercial offices, shopping malls), public spaces, transportation system stations (airports, stations), exhibition halls, medical institutions and industries, electronics, food, medicine , Clean research rooms or other workshop hangars and other different fields, with a wide range of uses.


feature of product:


1. Modular system: Due to the modular structure of the metal ceiling keel system, the on-site installation workload can be reduced to the greatest extent, and the construction site can be fully cleaned and cleaned (due to the fact that almost no harmful substances such as dust are generated during the construction of the material), the implementation progress and Product quality is conducive to future maintenance work.


2. High security: The company's specific series of products adopt a high seismic design to enhance the security of the use environment.


3. Formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly building materials: The plate material is steel / aluminum, which can be disassembled and used repeatedly, and can also be recycled, saving operating costs, taking into account environmental protection and economic benefits.


4. Good fire resistance: Non-combustible materials, passed the highest level of the European Union testing standard EN 13501-1 A1, basic materials have a minimum fire resistance of 1 hour, and a maximum fire resistance of up to 4 hours.


5. Excellent sound absorption: NRC0.7 takes off, which can be as high as 0.8 or more.


6. High moisture resistance: No doubts such as cracks on the surface of the material and expansion after a long period of use.


7. Convenient cleaning and maintenance: The metal material is more scratch-resistant and dirt-resistant than the traditional gypsum material, and the surface is easy to clean.


8. Variety of styles and customized services: In addition to providing customers with different series of products, diverse basic colors of paint and PVC skin material styles, customized color printing and punching modeling can also be performed on the surface of the board.

       This system can be applied to any building space, such as office buildings, airports, stations, hospitals, schools and other types of buildings; the square ceiling system is equipped with special additional components, which can be used with lighting and air conditioning and ventilation equipment; at the same time can be used The perforated ceiling panel has built-in sound absorbing cloth or sound insulation and thermal insulation cotton, which creates a beautiful and functional office environment